Monday Minute: A Look at the Watch

Like many naturalists, Richard Dawkins trolls on and on that life on Earth possesses simply an appearance of design, but there is no need at all for a divine designer. In his book, “The Blind Watchmaker” he writes, “the only watchmaker in nature is the blind forces of physics … Natural selection, the blind, unconscious, automatic process which Darwin discovered, and which we now know is the explanation for the existence and apparently purposeful form of all life…”

It would seem that one could then argue that since everything can supposedly be accounted for by naturalistic events, then there is no need for a Creator. It is interesting, however, that naturalists who insist on evolutionary process that operate automatically according the principles of time and chance forget that it depends on the laws of a universe that is not the product of time and chance. Dawkins’ book is responding to William Paley’s assertion that since seeing a watch implies a watchmaker, then seeing a biological organism implies a Creator.

Physicist Stephen Barr in his book, “Modern Physics and Ancient Faith” wrote that Dawkins “does not seem to appreciate is that his blind watchmaker is something even more remarkable than Paley’s watches. Paley finds a “watch” and asks how such a thing could have come to be there by chance. Dawkins finds an immense automated factory that blindly constructs watches and feels that he has completely answered Paley’s point. But that is absurd. How can a factory that makes watches be less in need of explanation than the watches themselves?”

Isn’t is comforting that Christians do not have to check our brains at the door in order to believe in the Creator?

Your Brother From Another Mother,

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