Monday Minute: Pentecost Sunday

Do you know what yesterday was? Sure, it was the Day the Lord has made, and it was a Sunday, but there’s more to it than that today.  Yesterday was the 7th Sunday after Easter.

After Jesus ascended into heaven, he told the disciples to assemble and pray, and he would send a Helper for them. Acts begins with the disciples doing just that. Luke indicates that they continued together praying (Acts 2:1), right through to the Day of Pentecost. While that day now means something special to Christians, Pentecost had long been a Jewish Festival day, 50 days after the Passover (Leviticus 23:15-16). While the disciples were praying, a sound that was like a great rush of wind happened, and the Holy Spirit arrived in a real and powerful way.  The story is pretty familiar.  They began to speak in languages they previously did not know, and many came to the knowledge of the truth that day as a result of their teaching.

Pentecost Sunday, is the day Christendom remembers the arrival of the Holy Spirit. His arrival is just ONE of more than 7500 promises in Scripture that all have come true, but more than that, the Holy Spirit’s arrival provided strength, comfort, and confirmation of Christ living in us. Emboldened with the Holy Spirit, the disciples were transformed from being frightened and worried to being bold and brave, able to preach in public, and able to stand before the Sanhedrin and boldly declare Christ to them. They also were transformed from disciples to Apostles, from those receiving instruction, to those who spread the Gospel.

As believers, we can take comfort in knowing that the Holy Spirit is here with us, providing that very same strength, comfort, and confirmation in our own lives that the Apostles received.  The question is this: what will we do with this power?

Your brother from another mother,

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