Monday Minute: Monkey Lesson

I was filling my coffee cup the other day at work, and when I reached into the bin to get a couple of Keurig K-Cups, I couldn’t get my hand out. My hand, wrapped around the two cups, was too large.

I was reminded of a story that my mom used to tell on her “Stories with Aunt Janet” show on the radio when I was kid. A monkey could easily be caught, the story went, by placing shiny objects in a jar that had a hole just small enough to let the monkey insert his hand. The objects needed to be larger than the hole. By anchoring the jar to the ground, the monkey was trapped once he gripped the object, because when approached, he would not let go of the object, and could easily be caught, trapped by his own grip.

We laugh at the simplicity of the monkey’s logic. “I can’t let go, because then I won’t have it anymore.” But that’s just like us. We don’t let go of our favorite sins, even when we know that Jesus wants all of us. We tell God, “You can have everything, except this one thing I still want to do.” Sin maintains a grip on us, because we won’t let go of the sin. Like the monkey, we trap ourselves, and wonder why we get caught again and again by the same sin we seem to keep returning to.

I dropped one of the K-Cups, and I was able to get my hand out. I was thankful for the reminder.


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