Monday Minute: Walking and Talking

One thing I am glad the Army did not cure me of is liking to take a walk. Especially in the Spring. Even with the sun shining, the cool breeze keeps it pleasant. The birds chirp, and the flowers all compete to smell the best. Walking is enjoyable.

Especially with a friend. Walking and talking is a great way to hold a conversation. It serves a “two-fer”, you can enjoy the outdoors, and catch up with family and friends. You can also catch up with God.

Walking and talking builds relationship. It lets you spend time with the one you are talking with. The Bible says that Adam walked with God in the eventings. Noah and Enoch talked with God (Gen 5:24 and 6:9). The context there is that they spent time communing with God. It wasn’t kneeling, or sitting in a closet, it was doing life together.

Like Adam, they took a walk with God.

Ben Patterson and David Goetz, in their book “Depening Your Conversationwith God,” describes it as an ongoing conversation, rolling from topic to topic, praying for friends that come to mind, even for the people that are passed by while you walk. Keep the diaglog going.

The Bible actually has a lot to say about walking with God. It is how we are designed to live. God’s desire is that you walk with him in relationship (Micah 6:8). In Psalm 3, the psalmist speaks of walking with our heads held high. God wants to be with us. Its what he created us for.

Walking and talking. Its a natural thing to do to spend time with someone. With a little practice, walking and talking with God can be just as natural.

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