Our Staff

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Pastor Roy & Shirley Peacock

Phone: 425-222-5573

Email: PastorRoyP@gmail.com

What I love about being the pastor of R2C2:

I love being able to represent Jesus to our church body and community, and helping people to grow deepLaurene & Noaher and more impactful in their relationship with Jesus.


Youth Leaders:  Laurene Perkins & Noah Foreman

Laurene’s Phone: (425) 394-3541 Email: laureneperkins@hotmail.com

Noah’s Phone: (425) 894-2139

Email: Skookummaxx01@gmail.com

Noah Foreman and Laurene Perkins are excited to be serving the Preston community.  They’re dedicated to creating an environment where youth can come to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Laurene is a Preston local since birth, and a graduate of Eastern Washington University. More info on Noah coming soon

Laurene– What I love about leading the youth group:

My favorite thing about the youth group is the teens. They are the most creative and generous group I’ve ever met!


Noah– What I love about leading the youth group:

I love seeing how the teens have grown in life and living in a godly manner. Seeing them grow has inspired me to a live a better life as well.


Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper:

Jill Stewart

Phone: 425-222-5573

Email: r2c2@centurytel.net

What I love about working in the R2C2 office:

All the reminders of God throughout the workday– seeing the cross in the worship center as I enter, writing checks for outreach ministries, putting the Scripture in the bulletin, etc. Also, I love that each thing I do directly serves the church.


Leadership Team:


20170416_103412 (2)Leeanne Creech

Phone: (425) 761-3425

Email: ennaeel13@gmail.com

What I love about serving on the Leadership Team: 

Serving on the leadership team has given me two great opportunities. First, I am getting to know my team members better and that is something I need and enjoy. Second, this is a chance to be a support to Pastor Roy. All too often it’s the pastor who gets both the positive and negative feedback from the congregation and this is a place where we can share our ideas and offer encouragement and support.

IMG_2847 - Copy (3)Jim Besso

Phone: (425) 223-0612

Email: everyone@thebessos.com

What I love about serving on the Leadership Team:

I love being able to serve God and my brothers and sisters in the body of Christ at R2C2. By being on the LT, I have the opportunity to respond to the call to help move the work of the Kingdom forward. That comes with exciting tasks like budget creation, but I also have the humbling opportunity to come alongside the servant-leaders of the church and learn from them the mindset to serve and love God’s people.

Elder Team

Pastor Roy Peacock

Roger & AnnRoger Armstrong

Phone: (425) 222-5680

Email: rdann937@gmail.com

Care Team Leads

Information Coming Soon