Our Staff

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Pastor Roy & Shirley Peacock

Phone: 425-222-5573

Email: PastorRoyP@gmail.com

What I love about being the pastor of RRCC:

I love being able to represent Jesus to our church body and community, and helping people to grow deepLaurene & Noaher and more impactful in their relationship with Jesus.

Youth Leaders:  Laurene & Noah Foreman

Laurene’s Phone: (425) 394-3541 Email: laureneperkins@hotmail.com

Noah’s Phone: (425) 894-2139

Email: Skookummaxx01@gmail.com

Noah & Laurene Foreman  are excited to be serving the Preston community.  They’re dedicated to creating an environment where youth can come to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Laurene is a Preston local since birth, and a graduate of Eastern Washington University. More info on Noah coming soon

Laurene– What I love about leading the youth group:

My favorite thing about the youth group is the teens. They are the most creative and generous group I’ve ever met!

Noah– What I love about leading the youth group:

I love seeing how the teens have grown in life and living in a godly manner. Seeing them grow has inspired me to a live a better life as well.

webpic JillAdministrative Assistant & Bookkeeper:

Jill Stewart

Phone: 425-222-5573

Email: ragingriverchurch@gmail.com

What I love about working in the R2C2  office:

All the reminders of God throughout the workday– seeing the cross in the worship center as I enter, sending checks for outreach ministries, putting the Scripture in the bulletin, etc. Also, I love that each thing I do directly serves the church.